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Virus Protection and System Maintenance

Click IT Secure Provides a Total Solution to Data Vulnerability

At this very moment, the biggest cyber-attack the world has ever seen is claiming victims. CALL CLICK IT for answers. We have solutions which are designed to protect you from cyber-crime.



Call (440) 247-4998 immediately if you suspect you have a virus so we can advise you. No system can clean your computer completely online. We use over 14 tools and techniques to clean computers and then can provide experienced advice on the best protection. Don't trust your data to just anyone!

Virus Protection

Managed - constantly!

Click IT offers enterprise-level, managed virus and malware protection services, to customers in need of the absolute best in tested and proven virus protection. Rather than working through definitions as most virus programs do, and annoying you with pop-ups and decisions you're not sure what they mean, our MANAGED virus protection is proactively preventing viruses from penetrating your system, while we are aware of these attempts, enabling us to block them pro-actively. In this way, you'll never have to worry again about your anti-virus being out of date, because in the background, we're managing it for you.

Computer Repair

Click IT can resolve any computer issue that your business may be experiencing. Offering complete technical support services, we specialize in:

  1. Virus Removals
    1. malware removal
    2. root kit removal
    3. spyware removal
  2. System Optimizations
  3. Data Recovery
  4. New System Setup
    1. including network problems evaluation


Malware Monitoring

Do you want to know what is trying to get onto your system? Click IT can remotely monitor your business's systems. If a virus does happen to sneak on, we will contact you immediately to arrange a plan to remove any malware before it can do damage.

Hardware & Software Implementation

Looking towards the future of your business? Click IT can help you implement new hardware and software. If your not sure about exactly what you need, we can make highly-educated and experienced recommendations.