What is Click IT?

Computer products and services with I.T. consulting and training by certified computer technicians.

Since 2012, Click IT has provided computer products and services combined with I-T consulting and technology training to local businesses, organizations, and households. All of our I-T services are service-centric and completely managed by certified computer technicians and network administrators. In addition to our focus on local businesses, we also work with companies nationwide in providing highly-specialized & secure hosting solutions.

Click IT Connect was founded by Al Harlow on the principle that technology should just work, and not be so hard. The fact is, the new world we live in is driven by the technology we use that has weaved into the daily fabric of our lives. Having a friendly, local place to visit for fixing all-things-technology and to learn how to use it is what we provide. We want you to think of Click IT as your own personal I-T Department and solutions provider for all things relating to technology. This includes smart phones, tablets, computers, servers and other IT appliances, as well as software - both local and Internet (or "Cloud") applications.


Our mission is to help simplify and improve the quality of our patrons' experiences with technology through providing the best I-T services money can buy; while concurrently providing educational services about the ever-changing technology increasingly weaved into the fabric of all our lives.

Our Team

Click IT is comprised of a small group of highly capable and trained I-T technicians and network administrators. Despite our certificates and other technical qualifications, we are really just a bunch of friendly people who want to please our customers and assist them with their technological issues and goals. Feel free to stop in and ask us how we can help you leverage technology to make your business more efficient, make your home way cooler, or just make your life a little easier.